Saturday, July 29, 2006

Juan Garcia: Here is a HD # 32 victory or defeat in a nutshell.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ram Chavez out of GI Forum

Chavez was expelled last month after the national board found him guilty of removing members from the group who questioned spending three years ago. Chavez will appeal the decision but declined to discuss his game plan. He said, though, GI Forum records and documents will clear him in the end.
"The chapter voted for everything we did, so we can account for it, but we will do it within the American GI forum where it belongs." It's no secret that the two American GI forum chapters in Corpus Christi have been at odds and many hope the division will stop.
See Nueces De La Parra, and previous posts - here and here.


At 10:51 AM, Ta1999 said...

Sad how the GI forum, LULAC ect in this town allways have to fight.

" cant we just all get along "

At 1:33 PM, TolucaSi said...

LULAC and the GI forum have stupid leaders, if you call them that. I don't even think they ar leaders, they're a bunch of wannabes like ohnonoyola!



At 6:15 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...

In response to the Red State's Article Juan Garcia: The Making of a Medical School in the Coastal Bend

What about the National Archives / Hector P Garcia / GI Forum / Bright Street Clinic??

Nueces De La Parra: G I Forum Solution Suggestion

Juan, in order to snatch the HD #32 seat from the Sea Man you need the little people. Big magnificent visions of grandeur are great but here is an issue that is in your hands already. You sit on the board of the National Archives and you spoke of an audit?

Juan Garcia III said he hopes the financial review will rebuild trust in the beleaguered foundation. He said the results of the review would be made public.

Where are the results?

Now, for visions of grandeur meeting reality here in the Body of Christ and South Texas as a whole let's get to work on something YOU CAN do something about right now! Do you want to win?

Unity of Historical Districts within the Body of Christ. Al Gonzalez Center, Rene Rodriguez Youth Center, Mikal Watts Philanthropist and Power Broker, Donald Trump Critique of our Community in preparation for his turning the UN around (like Iacocca 180'd Dodge). Del Mar College, TAMUCC, Solomon Coles Center, Whataburger Field, The Harbor Bridge Foundation, The National GI Forum Archives and the Hector P Garcia Institute of Education, Integrity, Culture and Public Policy. The Ann Matilde Kenedy Fernandez School of Law with a Strong Arm Watchdog Student Body. We can put it together with a consolidated UNITY but the only way it will work is by the engagement of our youth and our family support system being injected with an active vigor. Conceptualize a Bill Gates installed community outreach system ( provide a whole South Texas with wireless Laptops) implementing the cutting edge transparency features while locating the meetings in the America Bank Center once a month or so. A Berkshire Hathaway mixed with a W R Grace Corporate digital roundtable for the meeting format so as to enable an engagement for the whole community of South Texas and not unlike the "emergency command center" sans the leaky city hall; coordinate our community outreach effort from the roundtable. We got a lot of things to accomplish like the Education and the engagement of our youth in sports participation, community improvement JOBS where they can earn. Make the money out there for all to see, just like on the TELETHON for everyone to watch the fluctuation with the effort they provide. Make the Contract Award Process and the Grant Process check and balance one another. Welcome the Jewish Community Center like where Brent Chesney is familiar and model a state of the art Summer Camp and Winter Camp and it can be done free of charge, to all. Like a YMCA / YWCA with swimming, tennis, golf, boxing, wrestling, dancing, nursery school, Science camps all with the coordination of fixing and restoring our Historical Communities, neglected, crime ridden, and impoverished communities. Everything for the most part is already there; we just need to put it together

There's more

At 9:49 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...

Who @ the Caller wrote this Editorial?

Unfinished business for Dr. Garcia's legacy

The Bright Street clinic is in better shape today, but it is a long way from becoming a living memorial to the late civil rights leader.

July 29, 2006

This week's well deserved recognition of the accomplishments of the late civil rights leader Dr. Hector P. Garcia was also a reminder of the unfinished business at the building that once housed the doctor's clinic.

The vacant clinic building is now in far better physical shape than it was a year ago, when its dilapidated condition signified by its overgrown, unkempt surroundings and vandal-scarred and neglected appearance, made it a shameful legacy for a noble and heroic career.

At one point the building was on the verge of being put on the auction block to pay off the mortgage debt to Garcia's widow.

Thanks to a $20,000 grant from the City of Corpus Christi, the building on Bright Street is now secured by fencing, its windows are boarded against vandals and its roof has been replaced.

The building has at least escaped the ignoble end of becoming a blight on the very neighborhood that Garcia so selflessly served.

What remains unfinished is turning to reality the ambitions of creating a living educational memorial to the late doctor.

Those hopes have revolved around a vision of a center where scholarly work on Dr. Garcia's papers could be done, where meeting places for conferences would be available and where the future generations could learn about the Garcia's fight on behalf of the poor and the victims of discrimination.

The chief vehicle for this has been the National Archives and Historical Foundation of the American GI Forum.

The Foundation has a line on a $250,000 grant and is looking for matching grants. But there's groundwork to be laid even before the first dollar is donated, and that's working on the transparency and accountability that the Foundation has long lacked.

The Foundation has in fact received thousands of dollars in the 10 years since Dr. Garcia died. None of that money has ever been accounted for, other than assurances from the Foundation chairman Amador Garcia, a cousin of the doctor, that it's been well-spent.

Almost a year ago, as the clinic building faced foreclosure, Garcia gave assurances to the Editorial Board that he would reach out to the community.

Shortly thereafter, an audit was promised; if that audit has ever been made public, we're unaware of it.

A year later the Foundation is still saying it needs input from community leaders.

To be fair, there has been some new blood on the board. Juan Garcia, a former Navy pilot who is no relation, has been added and is involved in the fundraising effort.

Accountability must be instilled before there will be the necessary trust for donors and the community at large to support the clinic vision. Absent accountability, the dream of a living memorial to a wonderful man will remain just that, a dream.

"when its dilapidated condition signified by its overgrown, unkempt surroundings and vandal-scarred and neglected appearance, made it a shameful legacy for a noble and heroic career."

Jaime Kenedeno says:

If overgrown grass is a sign of dilapidation then it is still in the same dismal condition. JAG came out and had the grass mowed after the news focused it on the five o' clock news and by six it was being mowed. Transparency is a KEY issue here. Amador Garcia needs a lot of help as he was the one chosen by Dr Garcia to carry the torch. Amador is definitely deficient but this project now belongs to a whole South Texas due to the public influx of dollars. Let's get this thing going and implement it for our education and historical value. Quit griping and do something people! Let's get some proven leadership to help Amador Garcia. And to you Amador when somebody calls you up and offers a gallon of paint take it when they offer enough to paint the whole building accept it and call JAG to get the kids to help paint it. When somebody donates it is not to take away your thunder; it is to produce the lightning to go along with the thunder.

At 10:17 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...

Juan Garcia: Here is a HD # 32 victory or defeat in a nutshell.

How you gonna act?

Get busy and show us some progress.

A lot can be accomplished before November.

Productivity with the center is productivity for YOU.

Here it is, I am handing your path to victory.

You can ignore it like you have everything else or you can go for it.

WATT have you got to lose?

Get busy and show us WATT Juan Garcia can do!

Flying around the district and uploadable IPOD videos will not bring victory.

Give us some video of the Clinic being restored give us some plans for the National Archives to start taking a lead in the historical Culrural and Public Policy Areas of our Educational Architecture.

Come on start making productive accomplishments right here right now.

We all win if this materializes.

In a final decision Ram Chavez has been expelled from the GI Forum
Today in his final appeal at the GI Forum National Conference in Kansas City, the National GI Forum Board of Directors voted to expel Ram Chavez. In doing so, this action begins the charter re-instatement of the Hector P Garcia Founding chapter and bars Mr Chavez from all GI Forum activities. GI Forum National Director of Civil Rights Joe Ortiz in confirmation from the Convention floor in Kansas City looks forward to the Founding Chapter bouncing back and working in a unified manor to restore the legacy and namesake of Dr Hector P Garcia and the building, at the corner of Morgan Avenue and Bright Street, where activists planned the strategy for the landmark 1968 case Cisneros et. al. v. CCISD, which set the stage for courtordered school integration in Corpus Christi from 1976 to 1982. The building has been under the care of the National Archives & Historical Foundation of the GI Forum, which was set up in 1978 as a fundraising arm of the larger GI Forum - which was established by Dr. Garcia.

Juan Garcia: Here is a HD # 32 victory or defeat in a nutshell.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Roland Barrera vows, "I will diligently serve my "Progressive Democratic

Barrera Response
FYI, Some of my record

*Worked for the largest single contribution to the RTA
employee’s pension plan than the last six years combined
totaling $1.4 Million dollars
*In the midst of doing a study to evaluate ADA needs to our
1450 bus stops.
*Financed the ADA accessibility improvements of the
surrounding pedestrian areas of MHMR.
*Recently completed and implemented a compensation study to
get employees pay up to standard.
*Have the one of the richest health insurance benefit plans
of any public agency in the Coastal Bend second only to the
Port of Corpus Christi. (Working towards finding the funding
for a Health Reimbursement Account for employees that will
limit out of pocket expenses.)
*Implemented a wellness program to help create a healthier
workforce. Health Risk Assessments are planned in the last
quarter of 2006 at no charge to any of the employees.
*Working and implementing systems to create awareness of Job
Access Reverse Commute Grant to get more people to work
utilizing the Van Pool who cannot afford transportation to
and from work.

Economic Development:
*Chaired Three Economic Development Conferences “Exploring
the Wave of Opportunity” in conjunction with Texas A&M
and the Texas Building and Procurement Commission. In each
case over 1 Billion dollars of contract opportunities were
announced to the small business community. Actual purchasers
were available to interact with small business to do business
with large state agencies.
*Served on the City of Corpus Christi Major Projects advisory
panel where in excess of 50% of monies utilized in building
the American Bank Center were awarded to minority and woman
owned subcontractors. (This amount is unprecedented; the
state average is less than 20%)
*Testified before the Texas Building and Procurement
Commission to fight a change in the Texas Administrative Code
that would adversely affect the way contracts are solicited to
minority contractors.
*Worked with Senator Truan’s office to author a bill that
allowed more small business the opportunity to bid TXDOT
projects by utilization of a bid bond in lieu of a cashiers
*Currently working with Texas Legislators to write a bill to
require institutions of higher learning to have a bonding and
technical services program to educate small business on how to
grow, expand and do more work with their purchasing
*Currently working on securing a grant to complete safety
training in Spanish for construction companies to help reduce
fatalities among the Latino workforce.

Regarding my affiliation with the TAIFA PAC, I'm an insurance
agent that often has to fight for the rights of my clients
against the big insurance companies. The PAC is a non
partisan committee that fights for the "issues"
that not only support our livelyhood but our most important
asset the "customer". I'm proud to say that I have
been nominated to serve as the Regional VP for the PAC where
I will diligently serve my "Progressive Democratic
Values" and represent the issues that best serve my
Please feel free to call 361-299-7373 or e-mail
Best wishes,

Del Mar Electronic Anonymous Input Forum: A BLUEPRINT for POSITIVE CHANGE (In the order it was binded as recieved)

Del Mar Electronic Anonymous Input Forum: A BLUEPRINT for POSITIVE CHANGE (In the order it was binded as recieved)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

South Texas Style Politics: WATTS has emerged as a powerful player in South Texas politics. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure it out

South Texas Style Politics: WATTS has emerged as a powerful player in South Texas politics. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure it out

Danny giving us the details means nithing without supporting documentation

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Luna to resign
Vilma Luna has announced she will resign from the Texas House of Representatives, effective July 31. She was mum on her future plans. Looks like elwhatsamatta got it first!
posted by GulfCoastLeftie @ 11:33 AM


At 12:56 PM, John Coby said...
Was she that bad?

At 5:49 PM, Tejana Dem said...
YES. She was Craddick's trustiest sellout Democrat and we don't like her. You don't get to be Vice Chair of Appropriations, sit on Calendars & Ways & Means by being disagreeable.I wonder what committee assignments Solly will get...

At 6:20 PM, nochisme said...
I'm curious to see if her successor wanna be, Danny Noyola, can get us over his tragic scandals if he were to be selected by the precinct chairs as our nominee. Mr. Noyola's recent scandal will damage this party in the November election as the dirt begins to flow out. He is very vulnerable and could cost this party to lose a seat. File an open records request with CCISD and learn in detail what Danny Noyola's incompetency has caused him. Go find out how many teachers have asked for transfers out from the school just this year. The candidate should be selected by the precinct chairs who is electable in November and unfortunately Mr. Noyola is not electable. I wonder if he will still continue his grievance that he recently filed with the board? Danny Noyola is damaged and if you select him, you can bet that he could be the cause of Democrats defeat this November. Think about it? If you love this party, don't choose a loser, crook, and incompetent principal that lasted only one year at Miller

At 7:01 PM, said...
I have a better candidate than either Junior or Noyola. Her name is Gloria Perez and has an impressive history and background (and she actually works for a living). Check out my post on her

At 7:06 PM, herownself said...
One cannot file an open records request on personnel records. This school district has a long record of dumping on and blaming people for policies and procedures that they had nothing to do with. Look at how often the principals at Carroll, a supposedly excellent school, change.Now, quick, let's you and him fight. I'll stand over here and win.

At 7:26 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
Mr WATTS beleives Danny is electable or he would finding somebody else. IMO, Danny is not a bad person and maybe a good choice?

At 8:47 PM, said...
I bet you we will see 5-7 candidates show up by the time this is done.

At 9:06 PM, nochisme said...
So then why do you not ask Danny for the details of his transfer? Why does he not publicly provide all of us with those details? We know that an assistant principal at the school became a whisleblower on how grades were and absences were changed at the school. We know that Noyola allowed an assistant prinicpal to take excessive time with out documenting her absences. Tell noyola to release the documentation on his dismisssal as Miller Principal and you will all find the truth. Tell CCISD to let the public know about his incompentency at Miller or unless you really don't want to know the truth. You want to lose this november then vote for Noyola. Remember this man has a history of displaying incompetency. First with West Oso ISD and now CCISD. Wake up Democrats! Noyola will destroy this party.

At 9:29 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
I was a permanent sub at Miller 2000 - 2002. The class I inherited had ran off the Teacher and 4 other Subs. Nobody wanted the JOB and the CCISD was called 2 or 3 or even 4 time per day. The first day when the security had not received any calls; they came to check on me. I grew to those kids and they to me. I had four or five that just refused to do the work, I was forced to pass them as well. If you can produce the documentation I am prepared to address it.Miller has been going on like this for quite a while now and the orders are coming from the top. Miller was my favorite school to work at. The absence policy is flawed from the beginning. It is being used to generate revenue off of the poor.And once again Mr Noyola has the blessing?Or does he?

At 9:30 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
"We know that Noyola allowed an assistant prinicpal to take excessive time with out documenting her absences."This happens all the time. And what about the time they spend before and after hours?

At 9:31 PM, lapolitica5 said...
Hello, No Chisme, for your information the issues at Miller's tragic scandals are nothing new. How many teachers do the same thing even more so you don't have to be a teacher things always occur. They choose the almighty dollar instead of the student. Regardless of what happen at the high school teachers resigning is nothing new, teachers leaving to take care of business is nothing new and more How would any of us know anything without the almighty whistle blower the problem they have they just got caught due to this person this is what you should report on or live up to your name the (no chisme) my foot what irony. I would have not known if it was not for you. Thanx!!! What does that have to do with anyone wanting to run for a State office? The district which only has 44 pcts will have to rely on a good person you tell me What person has no problems I will show you a perfect person.Just remember:A Lo Dado No Se le busca el lado.

At 9:51 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
Red StateWhen will Gloria sit down and talk to us?What is her position on some of the key issuesEducationThe Beach BlockadeCraddickDel Mar College Fiasco?

At 10:56 PM, CC_Politico said...
The Democrats need a nominee free of any controversy. Whether Mr. Noyola is innocent or not of the charges the fact that he failed to keep track of his subordinates falls directly on him as an Administrator. At least that is what is alleged. It is bad timing for Mr. Noyola that he has an ongoing lawsuit against CCISD and was reassigned to another high school campus only after one year at Miller HS as the head principal. I ask all true Democrats. What if he receives the nomination and the true source of his re-assignment comes out? Then what? Allow the Republican nominee have an easy ride to Austin because we selected someone with legal baggage? Mr. Noyola should do the honorable thing and not seek this position until it is cleared up, if it clears up.

At 11:29 PM, nochisme said...
Couldn't agree with you more cc politico. What will happen is that he will be nominated and the true extent of his activities is revealed. One can always place blame on all the higher ups but in the end it was Noyola who lost track of his school. I agree with you that Texas Truancy Law is a joke, but the issue dealt with Special Ed. and an insubordinate administrator tried to cover it up. Bottom line is that he leads the school and is resonsible for the actions of his insubordinates.As far as time spent before and after school by administrators, that no excuse for failing to be present at work. Contracts should state the time of a work day and it is the responsiblity of that individual to be present during that time. If you have presonal issues then you need to take the day off. Just because you are an administrator doesn't mean you are above the hard working laborer of an instructor.If Mr. Noyola had nothing to do with what took place at Miller then he needs to provide an explanation as to what the violation was that he committed and he must do so quickly before he causes this party to lose a Democratic seat.Furthermore, how can you say that a teacher chooses the almighty dollar over the student? Do you know that ths was the case at Miller? I doubt it! Maybe teachers are fat up with this Noyola administration and his incompetency. All could be cleared up if Noyola would just let everything out. So I challenge each and everyone of you who defends this false prophet to tell him to reveal the documentation so that his blind disciples know the truth about their patron.I understand in life that people have problems, this is nothing new. But the man is currently under the microscope and some people want him to be their nominee. well I must give the man credit, he attempts to expand his empire and many idiots fall for it. Wake up people! The ship has hit an iceburg and it is sinking, and all you can say is he did nothing wrong. Again, I ask the Noyola defenders to bring it all out or let the people know the truth about the tragedy that took place at Miller.

At 11:56 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
Once again, if there is documentation of wrongdoing; then by all means, let us open the can of worms.I have no allegiance to any of these people.If a candidate has a certain muscle behind him, there is not a Republican that can compete with this well oiled machine, with or without the baggage.Soli, best of all knows this.A Republican dont have a snowball's chance in hell of sitting where Vilma vacated.Furthermore, Vilma's district loves her and they will follow who she supports. It is that simple like it or not.

Vilma's district loves her and they will follow who she supports. It is that simple like it or not.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

HD 33 shuffle
It certainly didn't take long for two candidates to announce their intentions to replace Vilma Luna on the November ballot.Solomon Ortiz, Jr., former Nueces Democratic Party Chairman, issued a press release soon after Luna's announcement. He said he chose not to challenge a sitting Democrat, but Luna's resignation "really does change things considerably," as he threw his hat into the ring. Danny Noyola, Sr., recently reassigned from Miller HS principal to Moody assistant principal, held a noon press conference to announce his interest in the position. According to several sources familiar with the Texas Election Code, the decision rests with the Democratic Precinct Chairs of Luna's district. According to these sources, there will be a District 33 Executive Committee meeting, at which point the Precinct Chairs of Luna's district will vote for their choice. The Nueces County Republican Party will have the same opportunity to place a candidate's name on the ballot, but no one has publicly announced as yet. Believe me, politics in Nueces County is never boring.
posted by GulfCoastLeftie @ 11:21 PM

At 12:01 AM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
Once again, if there is documentation of wrongdoing; then by all means, let us open the can of worms.I have no allegiance to any of these people.If a candidate has a certain muscle behind him, there is not a Republican that can compete with this well oiled machine, with or without the baggage.Soli, best of all knows this.A Republican dont have a snowball's chance in hell of sitting where Vilma vacated.Furthermore, Vilma's district loves her and they will follow who she supports. It is that simple like it or not.