Friday, March 31, 2006

A large Hispanic turnout will defeat Klager!

Friday, March 31, 2006
Division among the ranks? Klager v.s. Martinez?

The chisme keeps going about the inner conflicts between the Klager and Martinez camps. M. Watts has dumped tons of dollars to save Klagers bench and in turn is hurting Martinez in his race against Skruka. Martinez has been plagued with allegations of Poll works not getting paid and money that has been misappropriated or Stolen. Politquera Connie Gutierrez who is in charge of the poll workers for Martinez has denied the charges of stealing money alleged by Mike Chavez and the Noyolas. Mike Chavez who is also consulting Jerry Trevino in his race for County Chair was overheard telling the Martinez Camp that this would cost John the Election if Connie was not fired! This can only hurt Martinez when his base is splitting with the infighting of the Tejanos and Coffee group supporters. How much money can Doug Allision spend to pay of the diffent groups?

In another sign of last minute political tactics Martinez has employed our local paper for hire the Defenzor. He had to fork over several thousand dollars to get the paper to jump on his bandwagon after initially supporting Joe Flores in the County Court #3 race. The Defenzor had previously bashed Martinez and the other candidates and was supporting Joe Flores. The defenzor has also turned on Pete Alvarez after initially supporting him for several months after getting money from the Citizens of Nueces County PAC and Roland Gaona. How quick a dollar can buy a new friend! But then again time is running out on the political prostitute season.

posted by elchisme @ 12:22 PM

At 4:47 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
I do not support John Martinez although he does seem to be the best suited for the JOB. I think El Defenzor has chosen the less of two evils and decided against Skurka due to the imminent prosecution of the little people (criminally) if Skurka is elected. It will be a travesty of Justice for the innocent until proven guilty where with John Martinez whom I beleive to have a criminal record (that has been Manipulated to remain uncovered) will only be working for WATTS and Club for the high dollar awards.

Which is worse?

We missed out on the best choice for the JOB when Joe Flores was robbed. If the voter turnout in western Nueces was not manipulated???? Well go figure.

Joe was the man and we dont have him as a choice and that is a travesty.

One other point with this Klager Martinez thing is the hispanic vote.

Klager is anti hispanic vote as he feels it will defeat him while Hector Rene Gonzalez and John Jon will benefit.

To go against Martinez is to be for Klage.

Who is the lesser of two evils once again.

That is pitiful.

We need to get the Voters out and the Political prostitution will go away.

I dont believ the Defenzor Articles are dishonest but I must ask, if El Defenzor did not recieve any $$$$$ would the articles have been written.

Advertisements are not synonymous with support.

All 3 news affilliates will put anything on the air,....... as long as the dollars are there. So it is business with respect to the ads.

At 5:59 PM, CouldBeTrue said...
I have heard great things about Skurka. Particularly that he cares about justice.

At 9:13 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
The problem I see with Skurka is that he has been geared to prosecute prosecute prosecute!

I know cases where exculpatory evidence has been withheld.

Skurka is aware of these transgressions.

Skurka by far is above Martinez morally.

I beleive Skurka sides on the side of guilty and if even one of the innocent are convicted due to the bias then Martinez will be the better choice.

We should have worked harder to make sure Joe Flores and Angelica received the vote they earned in western Nueces County.

Watts made the threats and the policies of the polling places diverted.

WATT happened?

At 9:17 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
Also, we should use Mr Martinez to motivate the hispanic vote.

I know the key to Mr Martinez and he will choose one person over Mikal Watts and Allison every day of the week.

If he is wrong he will hear about it.

Right John Jon?

What are you afraid of John Jon?

Buying ads with El Defenzor does not buy my support.


Tell me more about him Could be true?

At 9:43 PM, CouldBeTrue said...
I have heard from two friends who have seen Skurka work that he is a decent man.

At 11:40 PM, Corpusx said...
El Defenzor does not sell out to anyone -- be it Rene Rodriguez (who has a history of filing legal action) against the paper, and not to M. Watts and The Club.

El Defenzor was the only one with the gumption to expose the corruption. I would take their word anytime over V. Carranza or T. Shamsie. Shamsie wants a "compassionate dictator" in South Texas. He said this in "Verdades Y Chismes." He wants to be the new patron, so does WaTTS.

No one complains when political rivals advertisme in "VErades Y Chismes" and Magic radio or other media...... why? Les combiene. Why El Defenzor? Because it was not overcompromise with anyone and never will.

At 11:48 PM, Corpusx said...
And it is true: a vote for Klager is a vote for Skurka -- and vice a versa. A vote for Martinez is a vote against Klager, will favor Hecter Rene Rodriguez.

El Defenzor is a smart man. Ask yourself why would Terry Shamsie name a library in Robstown after a know racist who has a history of working against Hispanic movements. Remember Keith's joke on the paper: "What is a mexican weather report? Chili Today Hot Tamale Tomorrow?"

What a racist jerk. Why the expediency of Shamsie? We are not pawns; of Shamsie nor any wanna be powermonger. As for Joe Flores he has ulterior intentions siding with Skurka. He is not doing from the kindness of his heart.

El Chisme brings a bad breath to the Hispanic movement by darting at the Defenzor. El Defenzor should be the norm.

At 12:54 AM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
Well it looks like you guys (CHISME) have been outed.

Who got $30K?

a truck?

a compadre?

Joe is siding with Skurka?

Joe Flores has informed ME he is out of Politics for now so be it.

Joe Flores is not siding with anyone.

Did you guys know David Diaz is the one who bonded John Martinez out of JAIL?

Who is David Diaz?

Marisela's Mentor BINGO!

Where does CCISD politics come into play?

El Defenzor is the norm!


Thursday, March 30, 2006


Jimmy Rodriguez
And I do mean worm.
Who would want such a disgrace of a human being as our top law enforcement leader of Nueces County.
He started right out with the WATTS bought Police Union rhetoric.
Pete pointed out that he too could discuss Jimmy's son's encounters with law enforcement as well. He suggested that it was not proper to do this with the families. He also pointed it out as a cheap shot.
Many of the points Jimmy attempted were fallacies that is they were from a poisoned genesis.
I have always liked Pete but tonight polarized my opinion and I suppose many other voters in Nueces County.
Jimmy also pointed out the discrimination issue against women where I can see this JOB of Police Officer is really not a woman's strong point. Well not all women but most. I challenge a woman with or without a firearm to make ME do WATT I am refusing to do. Also, Jimmy tried to take the credit for the progressive move to community policing. Well let's face it if the MURDERS went up who would Jimmy be putting the blame on?
Likewise, the credit for the MURDERS dropping consistently to a low of 8 this past year goes to Pete Alvarez'.
Finally, I will address the issue some take with Mr Alvarez for not getting paid. Pete your treasurer needs to pay the people the money was donated earmarked it for. Sometimes money gets in the way of our true beleifs especially when it is us who does not get paid. Then another thing we must remember is Pete is not supported with infinite dollars from the WATTS camp. Take care of the ones the money was given to you for you to pay them. Busisness is business.
JIMMY is a poor excuse for a human being.
As I opened I will close

Friday, March 10, 2006

Get Well Soon!

So could Alex design a structure where the Chair can delegate to a diversity and all delegates remain on level field.
I have not been around here long but it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out this is a bunch of "walking" bullsh/t!
Pardon my apolitical approach.
It is simple,....... we need voters.
We need to get people to sign up yes but we need to inspire a multitude to vote.
Dont worry the political allignment. Goodwill and goodfaith will win out in the long run. We must accomplish this if even however slightly.
This is what a leader will realize.
And to do this without money???
I say we can!
However, most will not agree with me and explain our efforts noble but without the money our efforts will be fruitless.
How ignorant a statement!
Look back and see how far we have come.
Joe Flores, tremendous work ethic, uniquely geared for a Civil Litigation Expertise Medically as well as excellent work experience. As I learned on 1440 KEYS "El Defenzor Live", Joe Flores hit the ground running. He is a trial lawyer from the get go. He seemed to have a nice little campaign although I would have liked for everyone see more of the wisdom. His wisdom is more to his character than his catch phrases. Ladies and Gentlemen we missed the best man for the JOB.
It is our loss not his.
Thank you JOE FLORES
I look forward to continuing what you have and those who beleive in you!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

John Martinez County Court #3 How To Shoot Self in Foot Re-visited

Thursday, January 26, 2006

How to shoot self in foot, lesson one
John Martinez held a rather sparsely-attended "meet and greet" at the La Playa on Wednesday. I'm sure the event wasn't helped by the fact his generous host, Barbara Canales, made sure her name was prominently featured on the invitation. Although I wasn't there myself (some of us working stiffs don't have the luxury of even a one-hour lunch break,) a chisme source who attended said it looked more like a Canales/Allison/Watts family dinner than a Democratic Party function. Martinez, fresh from his loss in the non-partisan City Council election, seems to have learned nothing from the experience. Attending Democratic functions, and then ignoring the precinct chairs and middle class activists, does more harm than good. And Barbara Canales' little "I can't understand why you hate me; I'm so much prettier, younger, smarter, nicer, and richer than all you silly voters" routine is getting very old. The "Gazillionaire Attorneys Club" probably wouldn't have much fun with us beer-drinking, blue-collar types, but most candidates are at least able to shake our hands without looking nauseous. I get the impression that John Martinez wants to wash his hands after he shakes mine. And I'm hearing the same type of comment from my other working-stiff friends.If you want to hang out with people who think they're better than everyone else, John, perhaps you should have filed in the Republican Primary with the other Velacrats.
posted by GulfCoastLeftie @ 2:53 PM

At 10:12 PM, sera verdad said...
Damn, now I have to wash my hands! I shook John Martinez hand and when I saw who sponsored his event at La Playa, I became nauseous. I know of several precinct chairs who choice not to attend the "Meet & Greet" because Barbara Canales' name was on the invitation. Oh well, so much for "BARBIE".
At 10:50 PM, valleycityboy said...
AhhhRemember the "Dos por nickle" days!He reminds me of that!
At 11:31 PM, ProChoiceCatholic said...
Is the general consensus that this race is Skurka's to lose?
At 12:15 PM, GulfCoastLeftie said...
Skurka doesn't seem to have the "fire in the belly." Don't know why, but he's not really working it. With some strong campaigning, I think Mark could make the run-off--but just nailing up signs and crossing his fingers will get him no better than 3rd in the primary. I have a lot of respect for him; he's got integrity, and that's becoming pretty rare these days.
At 2:29 PM, ProChoiceCatholic said...
I can't see Skurka losing supporters he had when he ran against Judge Jose Longoria (including the Smaller Times), can you? I thought I recalled Skurka doing surprisingly well in that crowded field of candidates, but maybe I'm misremembering. Anyway, if you see Skurka coming in third, who do you see as coming in first and second? I could see Hector doing well because of name identification and being the only candidate with judicial experience. I could see John doing well because he'll be the best financed. I guess I could even see Michelle doing well because some people believe that many local voters have an historical preference in favor of Latina judicial candidates. Joe is certainly working hard.So who finishes one and two if Skurka finishes third?
At 3:35 PM, GulfCoastLeftie said...
I would bet that De Pena, Skurka, and Villarreal-Kuchta would be the early favorites. De Pena--name recognition, times two; Skurka--name recognition and the only anglo; Villarreal-Kuchta being the only woman. A lot of voters decide simply based on the name. Being the only female is a huge advantage in a 5-way race. I don't have any access to polling or even info from the candidates--just guessing--but being "one of three," instead of "the only," makes it harder to break away in a crowded race.
At 5:07 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
Hard work usually brings good results.I guess you guys are saying Joe is the underdog in this race.Who is he?What is he about?
At 7:14 PM, ProChoiceCatholic said...
Joe's campaign literature reads almost exactly like Tom Greenwell's. If his campaign literature is any indication of his judicial philosophy, Joe seems most worried about protecting greedy HMOs and hospital corporations from the just claims of patients who are critically injured by negligent medical care. That's fine for some people, but I'm personally more interested protecting patients from HMOs than vice versa.
At 11:04 PM, ProChoiceCatholic said...
GulfCoastLeftie:It was bugging me that I couldn't remember the election results from Skurka's race against Judge Jose Longoria. I found them at the Texas Secretary of State website:Judge, 214th Judicial District (2000)Jeanette Cantu-Bazar ---- 15.38%Hector Rene Gonzalez ---- 23.99%Jose Longoria ----------- 25.90%Mike McLelland ---------- 5.64%Mark Skurka ------------- 29.06% on this, I'm gonna predict the following results for the County Court #3 race:Hector DePena -------------- 26%Joe Flores ----------------- 10%Michele Villarreal-Kuchta -- 15%John Martinez -------------- 20%Mark Skurka ---------------- 29%Then, DePena will beat Skurka in the runoff.You heard it hear first.
At 11:51 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
I am Pro patient victim of Medical Institutions.If Joe is for the Elite I cant see him getting my vote.Where are you Joe Flores?Are you for the Elite?
At 11:55 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
I dont think De Pena needs any more time on the Bench.He needs to spend more time with his family.Dario is a big wound that will never heal.
At 11:56 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
If Skurka is on the short end; does he still get to keep his day JOB?
At 12:01 AM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
Michelle Kuchta has represented domestic abusers with zeal.I cannot see her sitting that high. I hate to see both Skurka and Sales leave the DA's office.Prosecuting Criminals is their forte.
At 11:42 AM, GulfCoastLeftie said...
Prochoicecatholic--Excellent research, and I'm betting you're correct. There is always a "stupid" factor in the electorate, meaning there are people who do no research whatsoever, and vote simply for the race or gender of a person. Haven't done any research on this, but I'm betting that maybe 25% of the voters in a County Court primary race are making an educated decision, 25% name recognition, 5% family/personal friend, 20% Hispanic surname, 15% female, 10% NON-Hispanic surname. The "stupid" factor won't win you any elections, but it can provide that CRUCIAL 50 votes a candidate needs to make a run-off. I see Joe Flores as the biggest loser in this situation. De Pena and Skurka have the biggest name recognition bump, but I recall Skurka being a lot more visible 2 years ago. Name recognition is half the battle, but nothing has a bigger impact than a voter who's actually met a candidate. Activists have met all of them (at least I have.) It's that second tier of people--voters, but not attending political functions--where a candidate who's out pounding the pavement can pick up votes. A hard-working candidate is out at non-political events shaking hands (remember how Nelda Martinez was EVERYWHERE two years ago?) and making nice with non-activists. In this race, that 2nd-tier handshaking might make a big difference.
At 11:56 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
Polls are decieving and are manipulated with ease.Just look at Mikal's.He got Borchard to step away. It was a factor when forcing Shamsie out.It is a tool.If you put the wrong figures in a calculator you get the wrong answer.Thus it is who not WATT is conducting the polling?
At 12:08 AM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
Texas Observer Political Intelligence: 3/15/2002 Barbara Canales-Black, who is running for the open Senate District 20 seat in South Texas, is co-owner of BNP Petroleum, which has recently begun drilling for natural gas on Padre Island National Seashore. Canales-Black’s firm quietly obtained the permit in February from the National Park Service, and the drilling has since become a hot issue in South Texas and in the election. She has three primary opponents, including McAllen State Represen-tative Juan Hinojosa, and a runoff is possible. (At press-time, the primary is still five days away.) Canales-Black is the scion of a well-connected political family and has been using her oil wealth to outspend Hinojosa three to one in the race. Her father is Tony Canales, Tony Sanchez’s private attorney. (Canales, you may recall, was the one who hired the private dicks involved in the embarrassing investigation–some say smear campaign–against former Secretary of State Henry Cuellar.)And I know you guys are screening my post.You are not that good.
At 12:14 AM, Jaime Kenedeño said...
“Tony the Two Fer” lyrics(sung Two the tune of “Minnie The Moocha”)Hey folks here's the story 'bout “Tony the Two Fer”He was a lowdown hoochie “Two Fer”He was the RUFFest Couthless StaleBut “Two Fer” had a heart as big as a snailHidehidehidehi (Hidehidehidehi)Hodehodehodeho (Hodehodehodeho)Hedehedehedehe (Hedehedehedehe)Hidehidehideho (Hidehidehideho)He messed around with a bloke named JaimeHe loathed him though he was no “LIME ee”He looked him down from his uptownand showed him how he “Twofored” his own aroundHidehidehidehi (Hidehidehidehi)Whoah (Whoah)Hedehedehedehe (Hedehedehedehe)A hidehidehideho (Hidehidehideho)He had a dream about Yturria’s king of SwitzerlandHe gave him things that He was stealinHe gave him a HOUSE built of gold and cottonA diamond mine without a bottomA hidehidehidehidehidehidehi (Hidehidehidehidehidehidehi)Hodehodehodehodehodehodeho (Hodehodehodehodehodehodeho)... (...)... (...)He gave him his “Chicago Ranch” and his POLO horsesEach meal He ate was a dozen coursesHad millions of dollars worth of nickels and dimesHe sat around and counted them all millions of timesHidehidehidehi (Hidehidehidehi)Hodehodehodeho (Hodehodehodeho)Hedehedehedehe (Hedehedehedehe)Hidehidehideho (Hidehidehideho)YOUR Two, YOUR Two, YOUR “Two fer”Remix Copyright Jaime Kenedeno

Monday, March 06, 2006

South Texas Chisme

South Texas Chisme

South Texas Chisme: Nueces County Election Result Predictions, Chisme Style

South Texas Chisme: Nueces County Election Result Predictions, Chisme Style

Angelica Hernandez & ascending as the 94th District Court JUDGE of Nueces County

It will be injustice in Nueces County once again if the voters remain unengaged and waste their VOTE. Wasting one's VOTE is the same as wasting money. A VOTE, one either uses it or loses it.

In the race for the 94th "lend ME your Ears"?

There is disingenuity in the arguements pro Mr Galvan.

I spoke to Susie Luna Saldana ( a very nice lady BTW). We discussed Angelica Hernandez and I respect her opinion however I must take note of some of the common arguements against Angelica becoming the JUDGE of the 94th District.

1) Experience - Susie brought up that Angelica has only conducted 3 trials on her own. Priscilla Owen (Former TX Sup Ct Judge & now on the 5th Circuit of Appeals) has never handled even one trial on her own. Furthermore, I have read transcripts of Angelica fighting for her clients both criminal and civil. It is unfair to base any weight of the decision on the number of trials she has handled on her own. Some trials dealing with large corporations and very powerful families and entities in South Texas last years. Hell, the Kenedy Ranch legislation will probably never end for example. Also there is the exploitation of the lack of knowledge of the law for the deniability factor. Hum,.... WATT did I say???

Final Hearings

These are trials too!

Check my work! Please?

I am comfortable with Angelica Ascending when it comes to her experience. To ME,.... for Mr Galvan; to have him transition to the bench, he will need more civil experience and to be removed from the prosecution long enough to acquire the ability to remain impartial and fair.
Mr Galvan on the bench is synonymous with a courtroom with 2 prosecutors and no JUDGE.
In the way of Civil Litigation this will be a field day of loophole multi million dollar settlements for Mr WATTS and THE Club to YANQUI! The Club will not even need to show up cuz they control the Courts of Nueces County, as Mikal claims. Woe be it to any Judge who continues this path of inequity, oppression and abuse of power!

I will see you in COURT!


2) Susie has dismissed the other issues brought up by Angelica's opponent and ex-husband.
A VOTE for Mr Galvan today is a VOTE for Multi Million Dollar Lawsuit Victories Tomorrow. It is also a VOTE against JUSTICE being EQUAL for ALL.

Susie Luna Saldana to you & yours
Posted on February 28, 2006 at 10:04:10 AM by Jaime Kenedeño
"Any candidate endorsed by "the Club" has already lost in my eyes".