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Why did Comrade Kelley & Sylvia Samniego not invite everyone in the CCPPC

Nueces Democratic Party Penetrated by Trojan Horse Socialist Party of Texas…….

Kelley, admitted Socialist Party of Texas Loyalist; committed fraud upon the people of South Texas and the Nueces County Democratic Party.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

If you lie down with dogs, you get fleas and deserve scrutiny.

Hola Joy and Abel:

Great to hear of your interest in knowing more about the SP Texas and of our

still proposed campaign for Dist. 27th by our compañero Raul Cano.

Regarding the Socialist Party of Texas (SPTX), SPTX is a state affiliate of

the Socialista Party USA ( As part of the SP USA, we, SPTX,

"strives to establish a radical democracy that places people's lives under

their own control -- a non-racist, classless, feminist, socialist society in

which people cooperate at work, at home, and in the community." You can get

more on our party at:

As far as District 27th run against Solomon Ortiz, there are still many

factors that we have too look into before a major electoral campaign is

started. As you, compañeros, are aware from your work in LRUP, there is

ground work to be done. Right now, we looking into the process of filing,

time frame, etc. We also need to build up our volunteer base and funding.

Our party will need assistance in electoral legal matters, fundraising,

flyering, poll watching, and starting to get the contacts needs for public

presentations and evens at the key cities in Dist. 27th.

If you are interested in joining the party or at least being part of helping

out with our electoral work, please, feel free to contact me via email at

ectoren at

in solidarity,

Erik Carlos Torén

State Secretary

Socialist Party of Texas

sptexas at

(956) 342-8689 - cell

>>We are from Corpus Christi and travel to the valley weekly on business.

>>Abel, is an attorney and I do all the rest, I am sure you know what that



>>Abel, my husband was involved in La Raza Unida in his younger years. We

>>are seeking to be involved again. We tried a group here in Corpus Christi,

>>but they seem stuck in the Democratic box. We are wondering about your

>>group. We are also, interested in the rumor of you running for Congress.

Steve Rossignol stever at

Sun Oct 16 11:21:55 EST 2005

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Hello All--

It's time to get another issue of the Lone Star Socialist out, our Fall 2005.

I've got one article from John Kelley. Anybody else want to write something. Valley Report? Bill? Breck? Mike Y?

Houston Report?

I'd like to put something in about our proposed congressional campaign, but I will hold off on this until after the phone teleconference to see what we decide.


Steve Rossignol


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Minutes of the 2005 Socialist Party of Texas Convention
August 6, 2005
Presidential Suite, Ramada Inn, 600 Water Street, Corpus Christi, Texas

In attendance: Raul Cano, Brownsville; Emma GonzaLes, Brownsville; Bill Fulcher, Brownsville; Erik Carlos Toren, San Juan; Les Cassidy, Corpus Christi; Michael Yoder, Laredo; Steve Rossignol, Blanco County

Observers (at various times): John Kelley, Nick Braune, Linda Braune, Joan Braune, Samantha Garcia, Greg Pason

Cassidy (with Kelley) stated that people in Corpus had been involved with United Peace and Justice as well as the Progressive populist Caucus. They have a radio program entitled Media Focus, and are publishing a local paper entitled The Red Snapper. The Progressive Caucus works with SP-TX folks. Kelley talked about counter-recruitment activities and the uses of art to send a political message. There have also been anti-Walmart actions and a fund-raiser for Kinky Friedman

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Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 11:07 PM
Subject: Three Socialist Candidates for District 27

What would you think of having 3 candidates run for Cong. Dist 27? Raul

Cano in the valley, Carlos Morin in Kingsville, and myself or John Kelley in
Corpus Christi? We could have a primary and it would be a great way to
organize our party in South Texas. It's not about winning the election anyway.

Les Cassidy

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From: Les Cassidy
To: Steve Rossignol
Sent: Monday, August 15, 2005 9:01 PM
Subject: Fw: [CorpusChristiPPC] Re: Cost of War

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From: John Kelley
Sent: Monday, August 15, 2005 8:05 PM
To: Patrick Phillips;
corpuschristippc at
Subject: [CorpusChristiPPC] Re: Cost of War

Hey Patrick,
Hope you had a good trip. It has been busy. We are working on a counter recruitment campaign this fall. As part of that campaign I would like to show your film as a consciousness raiser and bill it as a Support the Troops event, charge an admission and send the proceeds to the vets group you work with Alyssa mentioned. I am posting your note and my response to our Corpus Christi Progressive Popoulist Caucus who is leading the effort. Lori Busch is in charge of the effort and will be contacting you after we meet on the 25th to follow up. Thank you for your development of this film

John Kelley

In a message dated 08/27/2005 5:40:44 P.M. Central Daylight Time,
raucan at writes:

We have to consider that with all the talk from labor about uniting against
Ortiz, that the Democratic Party might be setting up the stage for Eddie
Lucio. Lucio is very popular in the Valley.

That might be true. But would Lucio be any better than Solomon? He is
somewhat of a closet Republican. Hector Uribe was in my office a few weeks ago;
and he says that he doesn't think that Lucio can beat Solomon. Lucio and
Solomon are two of a kind.

Uribe held Lucio's senate seat for about ten years before Lucio beat him.
His office is in Austin, which gets his thinking out of the Valley.

If Ortiz does beat Lucio in the Democratic Primary, and YOU were the
independent candidate running against Ortiz, that means that Labor would likely
unite behind YOU, especially if you can get some support from the plaintiff
lawyers, like Les, and hung around some of the union offices and asked for their

You should come out strong about the right of poor people to get redress
from the courts. Everybody is harping about "law suit abuse." So the above the
above position might not get you a majority of the votes. But you don't
need a majority of the votes to win in the November General Election. You would
need only a little over a third. You would need some money that the
plaintiffs' lawyers seem to have with which to advertise and put up signs.

Bill Fulcher, Enrolled Agent, MBA
610 West Elizabeth Street
Brownsville, TX 78520-6316
(956) 541-4874
Fax (956) 544-3260

Hola Bill:

I think Raul meant that one way to bring back the official labor orgs. is,
ta-da!, Lucio!

No. I don't he is better than Solomon. Same people from the same electoral

When there was a campaign to organize Fruit of the Loom, a big underwear
making factory in Harlingen, Lucio went in and made a big speech to the
employees and advised them all to vote "NO" to the union.

If labor supports this guy, I'll be very disappointed.

What the Hell has the electoral machine got to do with it? These candidates
think what kind of message to send out that will get them the most money
from political contributions without costing them too many votes. Since most of
the other candidates have been farther to the right, these actions and
positions haven't cost them too many votes.

Uribe wasn't any better, although I supported him as being better than some
of the others. But, when he was first elected state representative, before
he became senator, he came out in favor of the "right-to-work law.

Raul should send out the message that he wants to protect poor people from
quack doctors and insure them just reimbursements when they are injured--and
support working people's rights. I'm sure we can think up some.

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From: "Steve Sears"
To: "socialist unmoderated" ;

Sent: Monday, August 29, 2005 5:59 PM
Subject: [SOCUNMOD] Southern Socialist Conference

> A idea has surfaced again about hosting a Southern Socialist
> Conference here in the south. While we share the same problems with
> Capitalism as our brothers and sisters up north and out west, they
> sometimes take on a unique Southern twist. Most (if not all) of our States
> are right to work, segregation is still a problem, and the 2000 election
> showed us that Jim Crow is alive and well. The initial idea was suggested
> on the SPFL mailing list, and I've set up a list to specifically talk
> about setting up a conference, and on organizing the SP in the south.
> Please understand, this is not a list to debate what Socialism is,
> or to debate the issues that are sometimes over debated on other list. The
> scope of this list deals with organizing in the Southern States (as a
> general rule, those states that were south of the Mason Dixon line) The
> 2004 election showed there is an interest in Socialism in the South. We
> now need to reach out to those here who are Socialist in their leanings,
> and educate and organize them.
> The mailing list will be hosted by the Socialist Party of Florida
> and will not be on Yahoo or any other third party server. You will not
> need to worry about ads or anyone stealing your private information. You
> can join the list at:
> Thank you and as always, Y'all come back now ya hear !
> Y'all's in Solidarity,
> Steve
ello All: Eddie Lucio has recently been writing articLes in the
Brownsville Herald. He seems to be moving a bit to the Left. He has been addressing
some federal issues; and in his last letter he came out favoring a state
income tax.

A graduated Income Tax smacks of the Marxist idea of redistributing the
wealth. The conservatives want the poor to pay the taxes in the form of SaLes or
Consumption taxes so they will have to pay very little or no taxes.

A state income tax is an idea that is violently opposed by Republicans and
conservative Democrats that have been Lucio's and Ortiz' constituency. So I
guess he is getting ready for a race against Solomon Ortiz. Apparently he has
decided, or someone has advised him, that he needs to move to the left to
distinguish himself from Ortiz.

He hasn't said too much about the war, although in a previous letter he
seemed open to bringing the troops home. As a State Senator, he hasn't had to
vote on the war resolution -- or against it.

We need to get him in a meeting and grill him on his war position and that
of labor. We need to grill him on why, when the National Labor Relations Act
clearly supports the right of workers to form, join, and assist unions of
their choosing -- why did he go into Fruit of the Loom and advise these workers
not to vote for or join a union.

If he comes out favoring a progressive income tax, bringing the troops home,
and becomes a bit more pro-labor, Raul won't have much on which to challenge
him. And as Erik has said, Eddie Lucio has a strong following in South

It's inconceivable to me that Eddie Lucio will take these positions; but if
he does, and his articLes seem to indicate that he is leaning that way, we
will have to hold him to the fire AFTER the election. Because he will probably

We do need to run Raul (and maybe Erik) for something. Or somebody. In
this area a Left leaning candidate will have to be a Hispanic. The one time
mayor of Rio Hondo got to write quite a bit in the papers as she had the
credibility as the Mayor of Rio Hondo. She was very conservative and an Anglo
Republican. Most Anglos hereabouts are Republican. So they will come out for an
Anglo, if he or she is conservative. But a "people for peace and justice"
type of person, or a Socialist, pretty much has to be an Hispanic.

I don't know where Raul votes--Brownsville or Rio Hondo. But we need to
find him something for which he can run. And I'm not excluding femaLes, if they
are Hispanic and agree with our philosophies, they should run for something.
But not all for the same position, please.

Bill Fulcher, Enrolled Agent, MBA
610 West Elizabeth Street
Brownsville, TX 78520-6316
(956) 541-4874
Fax (956) 544-3260
E-mail, fulcherbil at


--- FULCHERBIL at wrote:
> I'm
> not sure what Solomon's Congressional district
> number is.

It's Dist. 27th.


Dear Comrades in the Valley,

I would say the thing to do is nose around democrat circLes down there
and see what names may be flying in the wind as possible candidates to
go up against Solomon. This could help a SP congressional run. Were

Solomon to face a primary battle, he likely would survive it and get
the nomination, but he would come under attack and his horrible
performance would become an issue, because a democrat challenger would

"go negative". Then, Raul could step in and run officially as an

independent in the general election, and probably would get a fair
chunk of the anti-Solomon democrat vote.

In fact, if the democrat opponent to Solomon were "progressive" enough

(for example, supported by AFL-CIO), that candidate might actually be

convinced to endorse Raul in the general election. Stranger things
have happened!

On the other hand, such a primary battle might draw more people into

the primary, thus requiring more work to get the 500+ signatures Raul

will need.

In solidarity,
Michael Yoder

On Friday, August 26, 2005, at 09:22 PM, FutbolRock&Revolucion wrote:

> Hola Steve and Comrades:

> Very interesting note. I am really curious who they would like to back
> in the Dem. primaries. Solomo is the machine's man. Let's keep working
> on our electoral work. BTW. I know Roy B. from AFT in Hidalgo Co.

> por el socialismo,
> Erik Toren

Hola Michael and Comrades:

I think the comrades in Brownsville and CC can give us an better idea what the Dems are planning to do for the primary. I am Hidalgo Co. so alot of what happens stays mostly w/i that machine.

I seriously doubt that there will be serious challenger w/i the Dems, if at all. The reason they voted they way voted w/i out any problem is that they know the machine will back them up, the boogies will help their electoral $$ chest, and the rest of the party (official Labor et al) will follow along. The challenge that came to an already established pol (Mike Wise) came from w/i the Hidalgo Co. machine.

NevertheLess, if we do run a candidate, I think we can get a good number of the progressive vote. Remember. A lot also depends on who the Reps are running. A good number of the progressives may vote Solomon just because the Rep. may be worse.

por el socialismo,
Erik Carlos Toren
Partido Socialista del Valle

[PfP-Platica] [Sptxsc] Fw: [SOCUNMOD] A new congressperson
ello Greg--

I am hoping that Les in Corpus will be able to confirm the availability of
the Presidential Suite for Saturday evening. If all else fails, I can
guarantee you a spot in my Motel 6 room. Don't worry, we will arrange
something! Meals are on me, if no other arrangement has been made.

What are your arrangements for Friday PM? Has someone arranged to meet you
at the bus station? Do you have housing set up?Not sure when folks are
arriving, but I think Michael Yoder will be there Friday evening. Please
let me (or somebody) know,

I will have my cell phone activated, as much as I hate those things. All,
please make note of the number: 512-925-2497. I will not be arriving in
Corpus until about 8:30-9 AM on the 6th, leaving Blanco County about 5:30-6
AM, but I will have the phone on at that time. Until then, my home phone
number is 830-833-5315.


Steve Rossignol

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To: "Steve Rossignol"
Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 5:50 PM
Subject: Re: When are you leaving for Corpus?

> Hey folks,
> I need housing Saturday evening, if I can stay in the "presidential suite"
> that would be good (woohoo!;)
> I will be around starting Friday AM and at your service through Saturday
> evening. I'm leaving Sunday evening and plan on making Sunday a "tourist"
> day or something like that.
> Greg

>> >> Has anyone arranged for Greg's accommodations? It occurred to me that
>> >> he
>> may be able to stay in the Presidential Suite if we have that room for
>> the
>> evening.
>> Soli
>> Steve Rossignol
Hello Les--

$2 cover at any venue is a good deal.

I personally will not be in until Saturday.

I am sending this to the gang. Hopefully it will reach folks before they leave Friday. I understand that National Secretary Greg Pason is already in Corpus. Has he made contact with you?

See you tomorrow.

Steve Rossignol

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From: Les Cassidy
To: Steve Rossignol
Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 8:25 PM
Subject: Re: [SPTXSC] Re: When are you leaving for Corpus?

Friday night we can have a get together at any number of venues downtown. let's meet in the Presidential suite of the hotel at 9:00 p.m. and decide where to go.

Saturday night the Ying Yang Fandango is having a live performance of a celtic/gypsy band nearby. The place is quite cool and it's a late cafe. Cover $2.00 but a great buy at that.

Les Cassidy

Cano for Congress -- I like that. You know, a lot of younger people like to
think of themselves as independents. If Raul is listed as an Independent on
the ballot, he may really have a shot at winning. Besides the conservatives
will be split up.

In a message dated 08/10/2005 10:43:45 A.M. Central Daylight Time,
stever at writes:

Hello Erik--

Good to see you are on top of this. I will not bother to send the laws this
weekend since you already have.

On another front, I have started on the minutes, but I do not recall your
wife's name, Erik, nor did I get Samantha's last name. I am listing them as

This weekend I will try to send something to the expanded email list with a
synopsis of the convention as well as solicit further congressional

Cano for Congress!

Steve Rossignol

Michael, I agree with your thinking. I think the run off thing would be
viable only if we run candidates in the Democratic Party primary.

Some of the other candidates, as I understand it, may not be Socialists,
and may wish to challenge Solomon in the primary election.

If we support those people in the primary, we would not be eligible to sign
the petitions for an independent candidate.

There is no run off in the General Election. Our strategy should be to
divide the conservatives, not to divide ourselves between three candidates.

We have to decide among us who the Independent Candidate is to be before the
November election.

I ran for State Representative on the Democratic Ticket in 1981, I think it
was. I didn't have to get any signatures. I just had to take a $400 check
to Austin and sign the papers.


You know, you have an interesting idea! What if we run a candidate
against Solomon in the Democratic Primary?? That way we wouldn't have
to worry about getting signatures of 500 people who did not vote in any
primary (within that short window of time). But how hard would it be
to put together a candidate for that Democratic Primary?? And other
candidates for other positions in the democratic primary (county
commissioners, etc.)? Would we want to even do that? I personally
see the wisdom of doing so, but the candidate(s) running for the
various offices would have to feel good about associating themselves,
albeit loosely, with democrats. Probably the deciding factor ought to
be which way is easier to get on the ballot. Something worth
considering, in my view.

Raul and Erik,

You bring up good points, and you've made your positions quite clear,
so I suggest ditching my recommendation for considering the use of the
democrat party-run apparatus. However, as a rhetorical point, I can't
help but think that a good way to bring light to the problem facing
third parties is to run as a democrat, and when the media asks what a
socialist is hoping to accomplish by running as a democrat, the
candidate can point out that the dems run the apparatus and make it
necessary for third parties to run within that apparatus. It would be
one way to conduct the battle for recognition of third parties. . .
.albeit an "in your face" way of doing so. A very far right-wing
Christian Coalition Republican did that very thing here in Webb County
last year. But given both of your sentiments, I will have to agree
that running Raul as an independent, and collecting the 500 signatures
after the primary, is the way to go. And in the end, a true
independent on the ballot for the general election in November 06 might
very well get more votes than an independent in a democratic primary
the prior spring.

In solidarity,

Hola Michael:

A) Historically speaking, within the context of Texas,
the raising of awareness of the need for multi-party
democracy has really come out from oustide both
parties. At least w/i modern current history (60's to
present), LRUP is a good example of that. In reallity,
it does not take a lot % of votes to scare the two
major parties.

Raul: We are not asking you to run on the Democratic ticket. We are trying
to get the other candidates who want to run head to head against you to run
on the Democratic ticket. At least one of them is not a Socialist.

If you're wanting to run against the winner of the Democratic and Republican
primary, and two other independent candidates as well, we would have no
chance of winning.

If we could get them into the Democratic Primary, or running for other
offices but not head to head with you, we could split the conservative vote, and
then have a chance of winning.

If by "dancing to its own beat" you mean sitting on the outside running
candidates who have no chance of ever winning, we might as well try to get the
best Democrat elected that we can.

I move that we have one person run as an independent for congress
against Solomon (Raul), one person run for some entirely different
position/seat in that area, and one person run for yet a third
position/seat in that region. I'd say Raul, Erik, and others are right
that we not mess with the democratic primaries. . .that strategy would
be too risky and obviously not too palatable.

>----- Original Message ----- From: "Raul Cano"
>To: ; ;
>; ;
>Sent: Monday, October 31, 2005 3:46 PM
>Subject: RE: [Sptxsc] Re: [DAT-Steering] E-Mail Message From William Carney
>>Comrades: The comrades From the Partido Socialista del Valle work closely
>>with anyone who believes that Socialism is the way or who supports our
>>community based efforts. We have joint meetings under the Socialist Forum
>>label. I have no problem with opening our common list to anyone who is
>>sympathetic to our efforts.
>>Having said that, I think that the State Commitee list is stricltly for
>>members and would clarify that all leadership of the Party, both at the
>>local and state level, must be members in good standing. to summerize
>>thing, we work with DAT non SP USA members like we would with any non SP
>>USA activist. Inclusion in the internal activities of our Party, at the
>>local and state level, is not something we should(or can) do.