Friday, February 29, 2008

A Question For those Who seek Election to the Nueces County Commisioners Court, Justice of the Peace & Constabulatory Positions......

Why would CCISD choose to prosecute students in Flour Bluff ISD (Precinct 2 Place 2) instead of nearby CCISD (Precinct 2 Place 1)?

The standard answer is to quote the law which fails to differentiate between PLACE 1 & PLACE 2 as long as they are the same precinct.

So why does a political subdivision (CCISD) exclusively file its cases in a court which resides in a competing (for funding) political subdivision (FBISD)?

Place 2 is subservient to FBISD taxing entities while Place 1 is without the FBISD overhead

Is it by law FBISD cannot file its cases in Place 1?

Or can FBISD file cases in Place 1 and declines?

To Los Kenedeno's knowledge, FBISD uses the Flour Bluff JP exclusively.

All JP Court Cases are appealed to County Court at Law #5 for a Trial de Novo?

In the marketplace why do we get some things at HEB and others at WAL MART?


"a better deal"

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Carolyn Moon, Strange Bedfellows and the Nuances of The Nueces Democratic Party. Uniting on the issues, not party affiliation

Question from South Texas Politics

Friday night, the Chair candidates were invited to a debate. It was actually one of those question and answer sessions. Evy Coppola was a no show.

One of the questions was
"Shouldn't precinct chairs be sanctioned for supporting a republican in a non-partisan race (such as city council)" This is not a direct quote, but as close as I can remember.

Yesterday, I asked the question of a bright 16 year old.

She said you can't tell people who to support.

I said the precinct chairs take an oath to support only Democratic candidates.

She said that's different.
I said, remember, this is a non-partisan race and you shouldn't ask people what party they belong to.

She said, That's complicated, isn't it?
Actually, yes.

In a non-partisan race, as I said on the TV, as County chair, I couldn't get up and tell people to vote for any one candidate because I was obviously a partisan person, but I could support someone quietly. I don't ask people what party they belong to, but i often get a vibe. As a member of the Beach Access Coalition, I supported 4 people for city council. I still haven't asked
3 about their affiliation. They were on our side on the issues we cared about.

The Democratic Party is not the one that demands group think out of its members. The first time we try to make rules that way, I'm on my way to Costa Rica.

Saturday, at the Patriot Guard mission, I was surrounded by people who don't think the way i do. I keep quiet in those situations because we're there for only one reason. I did wear my Code Pink pants, though.

There I ran into a guy I could have supported for city council when he ran. I found out Saturday, to my shock, that he's a Republican. Why sould I be surprised? He's a marketing major.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Abel Hererro has proven himself and his record is there for all to see; he is a fine representative

Abel Hererro has proven himself and his record is there for all to see; he is a fine representative

Abel Hererro has proven himself and his record is there for all to see. I am proud of Abel, he is a fine representative.

There is a natural law I always like to follow, "If it isnt broke , then it don't need fixin".

On the other hand,

Velacrat is making friends with the Federal Entrapment gang and sycophants up to the ones he believes will elevate his Rose to a Federal Judicial Bench.

Is Fil Vela going into the fraud abuse prosecution racket & the manufacturing of fraud abuse prosecutions?

Inroads (for GOP) into South Texas?

Hurt? Injured? Need a Lawyer? Too Bad!

TLR?? ..................................three little bitty letters;

nah, I wouldnt worry bout em.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Dry Wit indeed Carolyn. You speak of a very concerning issue currently at hand.

I didn't know I was going to get to go one the radio and talk to the voters about how the prcinct conventions work and how Democrats are much better for everybody.
Once again, my competitors were no shows."

Dry Wit indeed Carolyn. You speak of a very concerning issue currently at hand.

I have started to ask myself, what should we expect from a Democratic Chairperson?

When we are under fire he/she should lead direct orchestrate the response (IMO as eloquently sharp as possible and it will always be "good press").

A Democratic Chairperson needs to be engaging and reach out to the citizenry.

Open Doors and two way streets not hi my friend every other year or so.

Carolyn is the only candidate who chooses to interact and put it writing. She is also perpetually involved in making the power of the people a reality by encouraging and challenging a people of South Texas to get their ass out and vote.

Last round flurries appeal to only a disenchanted, disinterested un engaged, lulled to sleep voter demographic. TLR Republicans specialize in preying on The Disengagement of the Average Citizen in the Formulation of Public Policy. I'll take real sweat over photo ops all week long and twice on Sundays. Speaking of Sunday I say cheaters dont deserve to win. Where My Money At?