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Susie Luna Saldana it never hit ME until now, "2 fer" was referring 2 U!

About a week before the April 2002 runoff election, a local teacher’s union representative named Susie Luna Saldana (no relation to Rep. Luna) gave a political commentary on Commentarios, Corpus’s venerable open-forum broadcast on Spanish-language radio. During campaign season in Corpus, as you might imagine, the commentaries are heated. Saldana accused Canales-Black of trying to buy the election. Standing nearby, waiting to give his counter view, was Tony Canales. When his turn came, Canales erupted. He ranted that people like Saldana had no right to say such things about his daughter. “These Mexicans, we can buy them two for a nickel,” he said in Spanish. Canales claimed later that “Mexicans” referred to Saldana and people like Rodriguez, not working families. But Hinojosa’s campaign giddily snapped up the tape and turned the recording into a political ad with the lead-in, “This is what the Canales family thinks of you.” The ad was broadcast all over Spanish-language radio, which, as Carranza’s high ratings attest, is a powerful medium in Corpus. The Canales-Black campaign never recovered. On Election Day, Hinojosa prevailed, securing a surprising 39 percent in Nueces County.

Susie Luna-Saldaña, Do you not live by your words? Or have you forgotten the roots?

Friday, May 19, 2000
85 demonstrate against paper, claim unfairnessMore coverage of Hispanics among group's 22 demands
By Jonathan OsborneCaller-Times
David Adame/Caller-Times
A group of approximately 85 protesters march past the Caller-Times building Thursday. The group then rallied in Artesian Park. Some of the protesters expressed concerns about the newspaper's role in the community, saying that coverage of recent news events has been sensational. Others said the Hispanic community is not fairly represented in the newspaper's coverage.A group of about 85 protesters took up signs and banners Thursday, marched down Leopard Street to Lower Broadway and tossed about a dozen papers at the door of the Caller-Times. They then gathered in Artesian Park to rally against a paper they felt, for differing reasons, has mistreated the community. "They crucify people," said Susie Luna-Saldaña, one of the leaders of the rally. "Do you think that's fair?" "No," the crowd cheered in unison. "They print negative news," she yelled. "Do you think that's fair?" "No," the crowd yelled back. Luna-Saldaña, who is a staff representative for the American Federation of Teachers, spoke as a member of the Concerned Citizens for Truth, Justice and Equality. She referred to the Caller-Times' coverage of the controversy that surrounded CCISD Superintendent Abelardo Saavedra, who was acquitted of felony charges Thursday.
List of demands: 1. The Corpus Christi Caller-Times will recognize and agree to meet with a committee of citizens composed of a cross-section of our community, including members from the surrounding towns, who will meet weekly with the editorial board and staff to address the following issues:
Unfair news reporting
Misleading stories
Unequal treatment of minorities
Negative reporting
Equal coverage of all sports events, social events, parties, and curriculums whether at schools, colleges and/or universities or chartered clubs. 2. Discontinue endorsement of political candidates by the Caller-Times, printing only a candidate's qualifications, platform, and background. 3. Hire staff employees on a ratio of ethnically based community - Anglo, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, etc. All positions (Editorial Board, New Editors, Assignments Editors, Reporters, Photographers, etc.) shall reflect the diversity make-up of our community. 4. Require two different opinions or views to be written every time the newspaper editorializes a subject matter. 5. Produce and print paper editions that will address the ethnic make-up of this community. 6. Stop any and all reporting of stories that tend to sensationalize or divide the community. 7. Cease the groundless degradation of members of the judiciary. 8. Investigative reporting of alleged corruption shall be unbiased, exhaustive, fair and equal as to all levels of government. 9. Require all publishers, editors, members of management and decision-making persons to resign from any and all boards, organizations and charitable groups in order to assure fair and unbiased reporting of legitimate news events. 10. Require the editorial board to notify the Citizens Committee of all stories that are not going to be investigated, researched and/or published. 11. Corpus Christi Caller-Times should strive to identify and consult the "true" - "effective" Hispanic/Black leaders in our community who now represent and speak for our people. It's been too long in identifying the "OLD" ineffective leadership in our community. Corpus Christi Caller-Times has continued to consult with the same "OLD" leadership who no longer represent or speak for our people. 12. Teen pregnancy is a tremendous problem. Assist the families in our community by writing stories that pertain to this problem. Articles on the problems of Teen pregnancies, etc. 13. Do some investigative reporting as to how we can bring more industry (jobs) to our community. 14. Write stories on how to bring this community together. 15. Corpus Christi Caller-Times should sponsor an annual newspaper JOB FAIR to attract more minorities into the job market. 16. Corpus Christi Caller-Times must work together or in union with Texas A&M-Corpus Christi and Texas A&M-Kingsville, Del Mar College in highlighting their activities and financial aid opportunities. 17. Continue "Hispanic" Supplement (e.g. Vista, etc.) 18. Highlight the "Forgotten Barrio" activities in your coverage. 19. Include more Hispanic opinions by true Hispanic writers in your "FORUM" columns. 20. Reduce the circulation paper's price. 21. Feature more "Hispanic" opinions by true Hispanic writers in your "Forum" columns. 22. Feature more concentrated YOUTH stories. But Luna-Saldaña said it isn't necessarily the way the paper wrote the stories, but instead the way the stories were presented on the page. "It's the presentation," she said. "It's the design. It's like the paper is forming an opinion for me. When I pick up the newspaper, I want to see facts. I form my own opinions." She said the day Saavedra was indicted was an example of overkill. "I thought World War III had been declared," she said. "It's ridiculous. It didn't require that kind of sensationalism." For more than two weeks, the leaders of the group have been circulating fliers announcing Thursday's march of the Caller-Times and demanding changes at the paper. Some members of the same group passed out surveys to Caller-Times employees about two weeks ago asking their salary, gender, ethnicity and job position. On Thursday, City Councilman Javier Colmenero, CCISD Trustee Rene Vela and former Board President Frank Reyes joined the march. Protesters carried signs that called for truth and justice, but they also carried signs that compared the Caller-Times with the Nazis. One sign referred to the paper as the "Korpus Kristi Kaller-Times," with a swastika drawn next to the letters. One flier announcing the march complained about a Caller-Times column that the protesters perceived as not supporting the Robstown baseball team , and referred to the Caller-Times as the Caucasian-Times. Joe Ortiz, one of the group's leaders, the national civil rights director for the G.I. Forum and the founder of the Felix Longoria G.I. Forum chapter, said that he did not know who made that flier but that he did not approve of its content. "This is a community endeavor," he said. However, one of the marchers walking with the group carried a "Caucasian-Times" sign. Along with the fliers, the group also circulated a list of 22 demands, which include asking the paper to stop endorsing political candidates and to inform the group of stories the paper does not plan to investigate or write about. Larry Rose, executive vice president and editor of the Caller-Times, responded in a prepared statement Thursday. "The mission of the Caller-Times is to cover the news, as professionally and completely as possible, including the painful and emotional stories the community has gone through in recent months," Rose said. "The marchers have their right to a point of view. And we have a right to disagree with their 22 demands. "As a professional organization, the Caller-Times intends to continue reporting and presenting news issues as seriously and as unbiased as possible," Rose said. "As a member of the community, the Caller-Times is committed to moving all segments of the community forward." Leaders of the group, which includes the Felix Longoria Chapter of the G.I. Forum and the Tejano Democrats, have described the group as a loose organization. The group, leaders said, is composed of citizens from throughout the community. "This is not a Hispanic issue," Ortiz said. "Don't perceive this as a Hispanic issue but a community issue." Buck Sosa, the president of the Tejano Democrats and one of the leaders of the Concerned Citizens for Truth, Justice and Equality, wouldn't single out any individual groups. "We feel that the Caller-Times has been dealing with people who no longer speak for all of us," Sosa said. The paper should focus on real people in the Hispanic community, he said. "We all have something to say," he said. "LULAC does not speak for the whole Hispanic community, just like the G.I. Forum does not speak for the whole Hispanic community." He said the group is upset because they perceive that the Caller-Times ignores certain factions of the community and reports unfairly. Sosa said he thinks the society page does not feature Hispanic events as regularly as Anglo events. He also said the perception among members of his group is that sports coverage focuses on certain schools. What really set the group off, Sosa said, is that the Caller-Times printed information about the judges handling the CCISD trials. Ken Chastain, another leader of the group, said the goal of the boycott is inclusion. "We're not here to fight the Caller-Times," he said. "Our mission is to be included into the only newspaper in town. We're calling to work with the Caller-Times." Colmenero spoke to the group, telling them they needed to work with the newspaper. Several members of the crowd responded by waving him off. But Colmenero said that some of the group's demands of the paper were, journalistically, unreasonable. He said he wanted to see a dialogue result from the protest. "There are some things that can be worked out," Colmenero said. Del Mar Regent Dorothy Spann said the Caller-Times sometimes "blurs the lines between news reporting and advocacy." But Spann said she admires the paper for fighting for access to public records. Juan Guerra, a local physician, said he stopped reading the paper two months ago, following a story about a company wanting to bus Corpus Christi workers to Austin, a report that turned out to be false. "You've got to do your homework," Guerra said. "That should never have made the pages." Jesse Hix, a member of the Corpus Christi Taxpayers Association, said he didn't like the paper endorsing political candidates. "It puts a heavier burden for the (candidates) that don't have the money," Hix said. Marcher Roman Ortiz said the Caller-Times was not balanced in its reporting when the Saavedra spending controversy erupted. "Nothing positive about the man, nothing about his accomplishments," said Ortiz, an insulation business owner. Joe Ortiz said one item that particularly irked him was a historical column by Viewpoints Editor Murphy Givens that talked about the cattle queens of Texas who paid $50 for every pair of Mexican ears in 1852. The column was one of a series by Givens on Texas history. One marcher carried a sign that read: "My ears are not 4 sale." "This is the kind of thing the Caller-Times wrote on May 10, 2000," he said. "We don't want to read that. We want to read what good people have done." Victor Lara Ortegon, news director at KUNO, accused the Caller-Times of overly negative coverage of the Saavedra case. Caller-Times coverage generally is biased against Hispanics, and Hispanics won't stand for it, Lara said. "This is the new millennium," Lara said. "Hispanics - they're growing every day."
Staff Writer Dan Parker contributed to this report. Staff writer Jonathan Osborne can be reached at 886-3716 or by e-mail at

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Andiamo Angelica Hernandez

Who said Bobby Galvan does not work for Mikal??

I will support Angelica Hernandez.

Just her being out spent $70k to her $14k is enough for me to back her.

Andiamo Angelica!

The theft charges WATT a bunch of crap.

Andiamo Angelica!

WATT has Mr John Martinez been up to lately is WATT we all need to ask?

Hector De Pena and something about a Loan Shark Collector or somebody will never win another case in his court?


WATT about the car accident that he signed off on?

These are serious questions I must ask Hector De Pena.

Hector knows WATT I am talkin bout. Right Hector?

And afterall he is the one who has resorted to the mud slingin.

Andiamo Joe Flores!

Susie Luna Saldana YOU are causing YOUR people a lot of headaches.

WATT kind of play is Susie Saldana conducting?

A WATTS counter play?

So WATTS can win if John Martinez loses?

So WATTS can win when Marisela loses?

Fred Jimenez watch out for that knife!

She is patting you on the back to find that soft spot to stick it in real deep.

Andiamo Fred Jimenez!

Angelica, I understand Connie Gutierrez is trying to work with you?

If this is true she will be bringing WATTS money.

YOU dont need it Angelica!

Andiamo Luis Octavio Gutierrez!

Andiamo Pete Alvarez!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Saldana, Hernandez are top picks for judgeships WATT does the Caller base their ETHICS on? RACISM & OPPRESSION? WATT$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Saldana, Hernandez are top picks for judgeships
With Rose Vela and Jack Hunter moving on, primary voters will choose candidates for the 148th and 94th District Courts.
February 13, 2006
Surprise decisions by 148th District Judge Rose Vela, who opted to run for the 13th Court of Appeals, and Jack Hunter of the 94th District Court, who chose to retire, scrambled the omelet for this election. Voters in the March 7 Democratic primary must choose between four candidates for the two district judgeships.
The Caller-Times Editorial Board, after interviewing the candidates, believes that Marisela Saldana, judge of County Court-at-Law 3, is ready to move into the 148th District Court judgeship.

Over time, this court has seen a succession of judges - from the late Margarito Garza to Hilda Tagle, appointed to a U.S. District Court in Brownsville, to Rose Vela, elected in 1998.
Saldana is completing her third term as a county court-at-law judge. Except for capital murder cases, the types of cases a judge hears in the county courts-at-law are on a par with those in district courts. Saldana's life experiences have no doubt served her well on the bench. She grew up in poverty and worked her way through law school.
On the bench, she's known for having an approachable, no-nonsense manner. There has been criticism from some members of the bar that she could have done a better job of managing her docket.
If that has been a problem, Saldana will need to improve in the 148th District Court. But clearly, her experience should make her the favorite in the contest against attorney Fred Jimenez. The winner of the Democratic Primary will face a Republican challenger, attorney Guy Williams.
In the 94th District race, the Editorial Board believes Angelica Hernandez's experience as an attorney with the law firm of Paul Kratzig & Associates gives her the edge in a contest with attorney Bobby Galvan, of one of Corpus Christi's most famous Hispanic families. The Democratic primary winner will face Republican challenger James Sales, an assistant district attorney.
Hernandez said she decided to run for the 94th District Court seat even before Hunter, a five-term district judge, decided to retire. She was concerned about the court's case backlog. She said the 94th has a backlog of more than 500 civil and criminal cases.
"Asking to be elected to the 94th will mean a lot of hard work to get that court's docket where it should be," Hernandez said. She thinks that with hard work and efficient court management, the backlog can be reduced. She vows that if elected she will not be indulgent with attorneys seeking unnecessary continuances.
How any attorney will perform as a judge is unknowable until she or he sits on the bench. But legal experience and personal qualities provide a good indicator.
The Caller-Times Editorial Board believes Angelica Hernandez has the qualities needed to be an effective bench manager and impartial judge for the 94th District Court.
(Tomorrow: County Courts-at-Law 3 and 4)

One Watts, one not ???

Monday, February 13, 2006

One Watts, one not
The Caller Times has their picks for two of the district court races.
Marisela Saldana, judge of County Court-at-Law 3, is ready to move into the 148th District Court judgeship.and
In the 94th District race, the Editorial Board believes Angelica Hernandez's experience as an attorney with the law firm of Paul Kratzig & Associates gives her the edge in a contest with attorney Bobby Galvan, of one of Corpus Christi's most famous Hispanic families. The Democratic primary winner will face Republican challenger James Sales, an assistant district attorney.Update: Czolgosz over on DU has an interesting observation on this endorsement:
Why would the newspaper endorse the Democratic primary candidate who barely meets the legal minimum for qualifications? The only answer that anyone I've talked to can figure is to help out the Republican candidate in the general election. The Republican candidate is a long-time darling of the newspaper. He's a "hang 'em all, 'n let God sort 'em out" prosecutor of "gang activity," which in South Texas means everything from serious crimes down to the stuff that is called "mischief" when nice middle-class white kids get caught doing the same things but which are called "gang crimes" when Hispanic kids get caught doing it.So, here's the question: Do you ever wonder if your local newspaper would endorse the obviously less qualified Democratic primary candidate in order to boost the newspaper's favorite Republican's changes in November? It can't be the Watts factor for the Caller Times. I like the way that Angelica has run her race. I don't want a person on the bench or all the judges on the bench beholden to an individual. See previous posts on this topic - here, here, here, and here.

My reply:

Jaime Kenedeño said...
WATTS and the Caller Times are obviously alligned.Angelica we believe is much more prepared for the Bench than Mr Galvan. We cannot see criminal defendats recieving a fair trial with Galvan or Mr Sales or Mr Skurka for that matter. They are coming straight from the prosector's mindset and that will not change.We are convinced that given the effort any of these former prosecutors can be "rehabilitated to sit on the bench. With Mr Sales we believe he can be reasoned with as so can Skurka. We know very little about Mr Galvan.The one hurdle with Angelica is not her experience but her criminal record of theft. Nobody can trust a thief. The court she is campaigning for deals with serious felony cases. We need to take a look at Angelica and see her plans goals passions and this to JUDGE her integrity. W want to find a way to support her but at this time we have nothing to beleive in. Maybe it is just not enough money to meet her obligations?We know the feeling!
10:15 PM

la politica you need to read the code of Judicial Ethics.
Also as an expert you should realize the difference between a Constitutional County Court and a County Court at Law and a District Court.
Bob Barnes I dont think he possessed a Doctor of Jurisprudence.
And also I gave Angelica credit but I cannot make that thievery invisible. It is a problem unless Angelica implements it and turns it into a positive.
I say once again if she was applying as a Substitute Teacher they would not hire her.
And that is what I have a problem with.
Bob Barnes LOL!!!
He is writing letters to the editor in the Caller. Why dont you address him?

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Democrats running for Office

Democrats Running for Office
U.S. Representative, District 27Solomon P. Ortiz (incumbent)State Representative, District 32Juan GarciaState Representative, District 33Vilma Luna (incumbent)State Representative, District 34Abel Herrero (incumbent)District ClerkPatsy Perez (incumbent)Nueces County ClerkDiana Barrera (incumbent)Nueces County Sheriff (unexpired term to 2008)Pete AlvarezJoe 'J.B.' BallesterosMark CantuRobert 'Bobby' LongoriaJimmy RodriguezNueces County Commissioner, Precinct 2Betty Jean Longoria (incumbent)Isabel Noyola-MartinNueces County Democratic Chair (see Caller-Times)Alex Garcia, Jr.John M. KelleyJoel MumphordJerry J. TrevinoArea Races (Judicial)Judge, 13th Court of Appeals, Place 2Frederico "Fred" Hinojosa (incumbent)Judge, 13th Court of Appeals, Place 4Esther CortezNelda Vidaurri Rodriguez (incumbent)Judge, 13th Court of Appeals, Place 5Gina M. BenavidesErrlinda Castillo (incumbent)Judge, 94th District CourtBobby GalvanAngelica HernandezJudge, 105th District Court J. Manuel Bañales (incumbent)Judge, 117th District CourtSandra L Watts (incumbent)Judge, 148th District CourtFred JimenezMarisela SaldañaJudge, 319th District CourtRobert ZamoraNueces County JudgeLarry Olivarez, Sr.Judge, Nueces County Court At Law No. 1Robert Vargas (incumbent)Judge, Nueces County Court At Law No. 2Lisa Gonzales (incumbent)Judge, Nueces County Court At Law No. 3 (see Caller-Times)Hector De Pena, Jr.Joe FloresJohn MartinezMark SkurkaMichele Villarreal-KuchtaJudge, Nueces County Court At Law No. 4 (see Caller-Times)Hector Rene GonzalezLuis Octavio GutierrezJames "Jim" Klager (incumbent)Judge, Nueces County Court At Law No. 5 Carl Lewis (incumbent)Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 2Henry Santana (incumbent)Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 3 (see Caller-Times)Robert "Bobby" Balderas (incumbent)Epifanio "Eppy" FariasJustice of the Peace, Precinct 2, Place 2Carolyn MoonJustice of the Peace, Precinct 3 (see Caller-Times)Adolfo ContrerasBetty Schroeder (incumbent)Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5, Place 2Hermilo "Milo" Pena, Jr.State RacesUnited States SenatorBarbara Ann RadnofskyDarrel Reece HunterGene KellyGovernorChris BellBob GammageRashad JaferFelix Alvarado (removed)Lieutenant GovernorBenjamin Z. GrantAdrian De LeonMaria Luisa AlvaradoAttorney GeneralDavid Van OsComptroller Fred HeadAgriculture CommissionerHank GilbertKoecadee Melton, Jr.General Land Office Commissioner VaLinda Hathcox