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WHO IS MAURICIO CELIS? Mauricio possesses a clientèle niche

TLR/BACALA- A Clique Within The Republican Party, Using Mauricio Celis' Case To Influence Election



Superlative piece of work my friend. Very Evocative Eloquence, a must read for Every Citizen of Nueces County. Nice to see that not only is El Defenzor back; but El Defenzor is back with a huge passion and an even Harder PUNCH.


Now That's WATT I'm Talkin 'Bout!

As far as going overboard,.....

John Hubert went way overboard with My Wife, My Corazon. There is an Election In Kleberg County and this crook is running on the Republican Ticket. Frank Alvarez is the Democratic opponent. Please help me assure that this malicious prosecutor is never elected.

PS: Hubert was appointed by Gov Rick James Perry under the advice and direction of Junior John Cornyn and KC ROVE. He was appointed as a direct strike to me and mine.

Monday, January 14, 2008

THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG: (Part 1 of 3) Top Republicans Admit That Mauricio Celis is Not The Main Target But The Democratic Party {E} Defenzor Exposes Glimpses Of An Intricate Attack Plan] Corpus Christi, Texas –

Rove Expedience & A Simple Activation Mechanism:

Both top insiders and players within the Republican Party have admitted to this publication that a clique exists within its party that is doing everything possible to use Mauricio Celis' case to influence the upcoming elections. A few sources shared that Celis is not the main target but the Democratic party and its candidates are. Celis is just a target of convenience – "an expedient victim to point the finger at." "It is nothing personal," one ultra right Republican source told El Defenzor.
"He fits the bill of a good target. It will be the method by which some top people in our party will disenchant many in the general pubic with the Democrat Organization including undecided voters such as Independents." ASSERTIONS WITHOUT PROOF:
An element within the Republican Party (who hold radical opinions about the people of South Texas and its culture in general) are making the case that all candidates within Democratic Party that accepted campaign contributions from Celis are corrupt and/or dishonest and/or lacking in ethics. This propaganda is simply not true and is a veiled attempt at suppressing Hispanic votes and the Democratic parties domination. These are "assertions without proof" that some Republicans radicals, who hold such extreme views , are pushing: In a nutshell, allegedly corruption has surfaced in the Democratic Party due to the fact that is has governed for too long in South Texas. Republicans hope that this gutter politics can prevail.
WHO IS MAURICIO CELIS? Celis (born in Mexico, raised in Rockport in a low income neighborhood, who raised himself by his own "bootstraps" found a niche in legitimate businesses and the legal market and made a fortune. He also served in the U.S. Navy and was honorably discharged and is a family man with a son and a daughter who has tried to shelter from these attacks. Because of his youth (36 years of age) and his rapid rise in the business community and accumulation of wealth which he shared generously with the Democratic party he simply made a good target for the Radical Right who wish to bring back white domination and control Hispanics through fear and intimidation even from the highest powers in Texas and Washington.
Celis has been portrayed as a byproduct of a crooked and oppressive system. He has never ran for office only made contributions to candidates whom he agreed with politically and/or had a close affinity. Celis is not a felon and reportedly had a world renowned law firm give all of his business enterprises a thumbs up. Now, the stereotypical accusations that any Hispanic who has wealth is part of the underworld has been thrown at him regardless of the flimsy and untenable ground it stands on. THE FABRICATED VICTIMS: This above-mentioned hostile fringe within the Republican Party has laid out a sophisticated plan of attack to isolate Celis and many Democratic leaders by a guilt by association ploy. The Victim, according to them, are the: constituents of South Texas (especially Hispanics, in that Celis in a sense is a role model and has launched the wrong message to new generations. In the Radical Republican’s eyes he has promoted added a malignancy to the way of life of Hispanics. These radicals do not want a power base of wealthy Hispanics and have proven that they want to isolate, humiliate, and slander these figures in order to terrorize and suppress Democratic voting. The mainstream media including all the TV stations locally and the San Antonio Express-News have been accomplices in the witch hunt and execution of this plan, according to one source who is employed with the state due to his Republican political connections within the party. "Celis, in some video footage, is pictured up close to the point where the pores on his face are noticeable. He is pictured as a" Soprano-like" heavy-set and imposing thug, in a dark suit much like a gangster that usually gets out of a black sedan and with dark sunglasses." These negative stereotypes imprinted in the public’s minds are what the Radical Republicans are trying to achieve. Truth be told, shortly after Celis began to be attacked the trial lawyer who had "an exploratory committee" to run for Senate, Mikal Watts withdrew. Also, young and up and coming State Representatives and judges ran for cover because many of them accepted money from Celis. THE INTENDED TARGET – WHO ARE THEY TRYING TO PORTRAY AS VILLAINS? The intended target is not Celis per se, but the Democratic party, according to many of the sources interviewed. As one inside source put it, "He is just being portrayed as a byproduct of a corrupt and oppressive system – the Democratic Party... A byproduct of La Palanca, of the culture of George Parr and amigitos (friends)." The same insider bragged: "It has been brilliantly executed, that is, how Celis is portrayed with a shady Third World-ish attitude and value system). He is pictured as someone who has robbed us of the American dream... It is implicated that he cut line and did not play by the rules. Brilliant scheme don't you think?" Even Attorney Thomas J. Henry, who initiated the attack against Celis by exposing that he was not an attorney here "nor anywhere in the world" through Television advertisements, pointed out to ElDefenzor some very interesting observations that confirm the cited suspicions. "Mauricio Celis was doing okay. His mistake was to get involve in politics and then start to make political contributions to candidates running within the Democratic Party. I think he was trying to legitimize himself. He should have stayed sequestered in his nice office and everything would have been alright." It seems like a simplistic explanation is being executed to demonize Celis. It seems plausible when applied to him even though there is no evidence that he has connections with the underworld in Mexico or Latin America. But one Republican insider (who is consciously aware of this element of attack) who is involved in structuring campaigns explained: "The reason it seems plausible to many is because they want to believe it. Key reporters within the media have harped that just because an investigation is going on – it means something has to be horrifically wrong. Key reporters within the media have harped that just because an investigation is going on – it means something has to be horrifically wrong. The truth is that the "allegations without proof" introduced have been timed perfected; in fact right before election time. The goal has-been to polarize the masses and the poor and even the middle class against Celis. A climate has been encouraged for the media audience to have little sympathy and connection with him. Who Will The Manufactured Vindicators/Heroes and The Vehicle Of This Scheme Be? The Defenzor asked one of the sources. Who will the "Vindicators" in this well-orchestrated modern day persecution of a man who achieved the American dream be? The Defenzor asked one of the sources involved with Republican Women. The answer: "I believe it is the Republican office holders: Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot, NuecesCounty Jim Kaelin and the Republican Judge (whom I believed was pressured via partisan political muscle) who signed the order to raid his offices." What will be the ideal vehicle to keep the attack lingering on until the election? The response: "Conservative radio and a special network of media people within the mainstream media who espouse our views. In Conservative radio it is especially effective in that the allegations become a one-way street. The audience is very much receptive to attacks against their political foes – the Democrats.... And many hold prominent offices within the Republican Party even at the state level... whose job is to 'plot against Democrats.'" The simplicity of the plan is this: It doesn't’t matter if the information is not accurate or confirmed when you feed it to an audience who despise the Democratic Party anyway, or you have a lawyer who gives hundreds of thousands of dollars like Thomas J. Henry to control the television airwaves and try to try and convict Celis even before he is accused of anything in October of 2007. Some whisper that Henry is only a finger puppet for those rich white lawyers like the Club who want to control the legal profession, cut deals with the Republicans so no further limiting of lawsuits will occur and use Celis as the sacrificial lamb. As Celis mounts his defense it will be interesting to see all of these facts if proven come to light. THE VOID AND HISPANIC REPUBLICANS: OUT IN THE COLD? ARE THEY BEING USED FOR NUMBERS AND THEIR BELIEFS DISCOUNTED?

While the Republican Party has attempted to portrayed Hispanics who enrolled in the Republican Party as enlightened such Attorney/Political Strategist Filemon B. Vela. Jr. (see December 2007 article, "The Prodigal Son") and his wife 13th Appeals Court Justice RoseVela – there are some that are embittered. "We do our thing in theHispanic Republican Assembly and they whites) do their thing. As long as we don't interfere in what they are doing everything is fine." The question that surfaces -- Is it segregation within the Republican Party? Do some of the top leaders who are part of the element informally referred to as the "lunatic fringe" only care about theHispanic vote and their numbers and not Hispanic input? When has it ever been any different. Go to a Republican gathering and Hispanics are only tolerated for the swing votes they bring.
Joey Martinez, whose father owns the Fruit Kings in the region, has-been an active participant in the party and in face he has gone above and beyond the call of duty to educate many in South Texas about the beneficial aspects of conservative thinking. However Martinez has admitted to El Defenzor that there is an element within the Republican Party that refuses to tolerate anything dealing with Texan culture. Martinez explained: "I was asked one day to help decorate some of the rooms while we were waiting for elections returns – the campaign workers of Jim Kaelin and a few others were present. We had a cowboy room and so forth. So I decided to decorate a Tejano Culture room. Was asked by prominent organizers of these campaigns to take everything down in that many (Anglos) who would be attending would be alienated and upset. I tried to explain that we as Hispanics are also sensitive and deserved a room to feel comfortable, to make many feel at ease. Soon after, the requests became demands... " Thus one story of many embittered Hispanic Republicans who are made to feel belittled or that their beliefs are not part of the redneck Republican image that politicians like Kaelin do not want to lose as a base. Martinez, who plays the accordion and is a Tejano music fan, concluded: "How can this element within the Republican Party expect to win elections if they are out to change us to see the world only through their eyes and not to see it through ours. They (and I am not saying everyone) don't accept our way of life and culture." An Hispanic woman that is actively involved with an Republican Women group told El Defenzor during an interview: "Some top figures within the Republican Party are encouraging us to take the message that Celis is hurting the Hispanic community. I understand that Celis has never ran for office nor cared to do such a thing. It seems some within this party want to cut off the funding sources to Democrats; but they don't have to go out for blood. No one seems to be challenging them. This is why they attack because they know they can... Even our local District Attorney Carlos Valdez seems to have jumped into their bandwagon." The Defenzor approached Corpus Christi City Councilman Larry Elizondo (who is considered an independent minded politician) and asked him if he felt Mauricio Celis had done anything wrong. Councilman Elizondo responded: "I don't think so. I feel it is media hype. I believe it is a gray area. Mauricio Celis found a niche in the market and many who are jealous of him are demonizing him." Many Hispanics are beginning to realize that the nonstop attack on Celis is very suspicious. Never has an attorney slandered another individual on TV in such a manner nonstop and no one has stopped to question why? No one has also questioned why Sheriff Kaelin got involved weeks later and was all over the news going after Celis. Politically motivated? You bet!! THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG: Isn’t the attacks against Celis and more to the point the Democratic Party controlled by Hispanics just gutter level politics? Sheriff Kaelin and Texas Attorney General Abbot both have politicized their offices. They are using their offices and resources to target partisan competitors. They both have a questionable past in dealing with minority issues. Sheriff Kaelin has deep dark secrets that will be share with our audience if necessary that were not brought up during his last campaign (and remarks that go beyond "the Rudy Bibotes" remark made on Domingo Live this weekend byte Head of the Nueces County Live Stock Show) – and Abbot has on several occasions targeted solely minorities with his infamous campaigns to supposedly stamp out voter fraud. In his last foray when he targeted mostly Hispanic women from Robstown (mostly ladies who were not familiar with the new elections laws) and other minorities in the state. Some believe that the voting machines and arrest of politiceras was a method to suppress the vote on the West side of Corpus Christi and Robstown which are Democratic strongholds. All the individuals targeted in the 2006 political cycle and before then were minority and Democrats (only Hispanics and Blacks). "Can you believe, not a single Anglo was indicted throughout the state during that foray only minorities who happen to be Democrats. How convenient," one political observer rold el Defenzor. The representative of the office of the Texas Attorney General was challenged by El Defenzor. El Defenzor pointed out why a booklet on how to identify voter fraud (which was put together and put out by the Attorney General's office) had a photo in the introduction of Black Americans at the polls; and then in the subsequent pages a section entitled "What to look for" in identifying mail voter fraud – an envelope was pictured with a "sickle cell" stamp (of a black woman holding her baby). This element wants to expediently belief the "assertions without proof" because either they are disenchanted with the Democratic Party being too Hispanicized; or because something is being offered the within the Republican party. And conservative radio has been the place to take such grips – Conservative Radio Commentator Eric Von Wade on one occasion (before taking the Channel 10 TV job) said that persons coming in from Mexico should be stamped a number like rubber ducks are in a carnival ... Just in case they need to be hunted down. He was the president of the rifle association at the time when he made the remark. A few that are part of this extreme fringe of the Republican Party have been stating: "Celis asked for it." This argument, however, is as slippery slope with terrible consequences. As Bush Escobedo, who sits on the 4A board and has been a community activist said: "All Mauricio (Celis) really did was parade his happiness and newly acquired fortune. But by what standard did he become a villain who invited both a legal and political attack on him? I believe all successful Hispanics now will have to be very careful – they just might be targeted in a similar manner." Escobedo concluded: "If The Texas Attorney General and Sheriff Jim Kaelin were motivated exclusively by public welfare they should have waited for evidence before making accusations. I don't believe the dislike of Celis is personal. He is a symbol of a larger hurt and of afar deeper anger. He has become a projection screen for this pain. Some extremists need to fill their villain void" MUCH, MUCH MORE TO COME. HOMERO VILLARREAL

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ask san antonio express news why they targeted Celis
Mr. John MacCormick launched a full attack on Celis and used questionable sources to slander his name to help the Republican agenda:

Ask him why:

January 14, 2008 11:24 PM
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awesome article! I agree. The Republicans went way overboard with Celis. It's all for what? A naked girl at a sripes store who was drunk and Celis' partner's girlfriend from the Utopia nightclub? Give me a break. The badge was from him really being a peace officer. The only other crime he did was give a boatload of money to keep the Republicans at bay and not steal all the elections like they did nationally and last but not least he had a legitimate loophole to set up his firm. Oh! one more thing: He has a clean record, is a family man and has two kids. THIS IS A MAJOR SET UP!!!!

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